Gifts of Hope


Every year, as we step into the season of giving, we spend time and resources buying gifts to show appreciation for our loved ones. When you share the gifts from this catalogue, you remember the less fortunate and plant seeds of change that make a lasting impact!

What a significant way to celebrate occasions all year long! Christmas, Easter, birthdays, and anniversaries are all opportunities to celebrate by donating generously to someone else. Your compassion and generosity continue to yield a plentiful harvest, and we are so grateful for people like you!

Thank you for giving the GIFTS of education, health, food, clean water and more. You are giving the gift of HOPE!

1. Every item in the catalogue has been numbered for your convenience. Simply mention the item number(s), add up the total gift value and enter the amount.

For e.g., 9, 23, 45, etc. Your total amount would be 50+11+55 = 116 CAD.

2. All gifts are eligible for tax receipts, which will be sent out by the end of the year.

3. If you wish to download our Gifts of Hope 2023 Magazine+Catalogue, go to

4. If you wish to order a hard copy of the Magazine+Catalogue, mention 'hardcopy' in the comments when you donate (Recommended Donation: $20 or more).