IQUITOS - Hogar Genesis

About IQUITOS - Hogar Genesis

ImpactHope has partnered with Rodolfo and his wife Saraid to serve in Iquitos, Peru, as they bring the light of the gospel to many dark places through street ministry, drug-hole ministry, and children's programs.

After years of construction, prayers, and planning, we opened Hogar Genesis, our second children's home in Peru, last year!

Hogar Genesis is a home that loves and cares for children who have been abandoned, neglected, or trafficked. The Hogar Genesis family now has 12 beautiful kids in the home, from as young as three months old to 12 years of age!

Please help us meet Hogar Genesis' monthly need of CAD 10,000 (about USD 7500) to give these children a loving home.

Rodo, Saraid, and their workers have been working fervently towards helping abandoned, neglected, rescued, and other vulnerable individuals in Iquitos. Their mission is to equip and empower the most vulnerable with dignity and hope. With your support, this home will impact children and families with strong Christian values, principles, and counselling with hopes of restoring the family unit.

Your support continues to bring hope to these children and give them a fighting chance at a brighter future!