IQUITOS - Rodolfo and Saraid Support

About IQUITOS - Rodolfo and Saraid Support

Rodolfo grew up in Iquitos, Peru under the care of his aunt and uncle, since his father was an aggressive alcoholic and his mother left to live in another city. He had a life changing experience with God at 22 which changed his future direction. Since his difficult childhood, Rodolfo has always had compassion for reaching children who have not had the opportunity to feel God’s true love and acceptance.

Rodolfo and Saraid have two children, a son, Salvador (8 years old) and a daughter, Gisell (7 years old).

For years Rodolfo and Saraid have build relationships with drug addicts, prostitutes and parents in the hopes of bringing the light of the gospel to many of the dark places that exist. Hogar Genesis is a children's home that is being build to love and care for 10 to 12 children, and is expected to be open by the end of 2021 (depending on funds).

Weekly, Rodolfo and his team hold kids clubs, as well as visits to the prison, drug holes and families in crisis. Their dedication and passion for Christ is like no other!