KENYA - Shelter of Hope

You Can Help Send a Child to School!

Shelter of Hope Kenya (SOH) is a Christian non-profit organization started in 2005 with the vision to support vulnerable children. Shelter of Hope began as a learning center in Kiumbu Slum in Nairobi and expanded to a second learning center in the rural community of Kagan that holds a medical clinic, chapel, and agricultural plot for their feeding programs.

🏡 As of 2021, the school houses 25 orphaned children in their two dormitories on the Kagan campus and they have 400 students from Kindergarten to grade 8 spread out between their two locations; many of whom come from poor economic backgrounds.

- Currently, 135 students require financial aid due to the negative economic impacts from COVID-19 within the surrounding communities
-The current costs that are not being covered by the school’s self-sustainability efforts amount to approximately $5,000CAD/month to run both school locations
- For one student sponsorship: $43CAD. This covers their school fees, nutrition, and medical care for the month!

- It is recognized by the government as a top center for educational success in the government annual exams
- It is recognized as an official examination center that allows its students to complete these annual exams within their classrooms
- It upholds that their teachers are their greatest assets as they are motivated to provide excellent education to their students above the expectations of government centers

💙 Your prayers and support are greatly appreciated! Thank you.