KEDHAP in Kenya

About KEDHAP in Kenya

KEDHAP: Kenya Economic Development & Human Advancement Project is the development, peace-building, and relief arm of the Kenya Mennonite Church in the Diocese of Kisumu East.

Twenty years ago (in 2000), the AIDS epidemic was devastating western Kenya. A small group of indigenous Kenyan Mennonites felt called to reach out in Christ’s love and compassion to help their suffering and dying neighbours, comforting them, caring for orphans and widows, and encouraging others to join their mission. They registered as Kisumu East Diocese HIV - AIDS Project (acronym: KEDHAP). They demonstrated commitment and faithfulness in using all their resources for their neediest beneficiaries with almost no money and few other resources. From its humble beginnings, KEDHAP has steadily grown until it now serves thousands of participants in a wide range of programs in an impoverished rural area.

Currently, the major activities of KEDHAP include:

1) Women/Girls Empowerment
2) Education
3) Community Development
4) People Living with HIV and AIDS
5) Health Education
6) Peacemaking and Reconciliation
7) Food Security and Income Generating Activities
8) Leadership Development

If you are interested in sponsoring Mwale, one of Kenya's brightest, to go to University in Biomedical Sciences 2022-2026 ($5,000 every year!), please mention 'Mwale Education' in the note when donating!

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