Help Support The Purchase of a New X-RAY Machine and other needs the new hospital in Nebaj Guatemala!

We are thankful for the ongoing work and the commitment of our partners, Dr. Juan Pablo and Carolina, at Servicio Medico y Esperenza in Nebaj, Guatemala.

'Servicio Medico y Esperenza' is a hospital currently accepting patients and providing quality healthcare and dental care to the community in Nebaj. This Hospital does not turn anyone away and therefore accepts patients who can barely afford to seek medical care. This is made possible because of your donations!

A new x-ray machine is desperately needed. The current device is old and outdated and will stop working soon. An x-ray machine is vital to Dr. Juan Pablo and the nurses’ work at the Hospital (i.e., to help diagnose, further treatments, etc.). The next phase of construction entails the purchase of the x-ray machine, a generator, and other construction needs, totalling up to $180,000 CDN.

Healthcare initiatives include medical consultation, clinical laboratory, care for the bedridden, ultrasound and X-ray services, food assistance for low-income families, and education for workers’ children. Your support will ensure that the community in Nebaj receives dignified quality healthcare!

Thank you for making an impact and helping us provide quality healthcare in Nebaj, Guatemala! For more information about the Hospital, please visit